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Lower Limb Tendinopathy Course

(for physios, osteos, chiros, podiatrists, sports doctors, myotherapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, Pilates instructors)



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Course Outline

In this course Pete will introduce a rehabilitation and management model for all the commonly injured tendons in  the lower limb,  Achilles, gluteal (aka trochanteric bursitis), hamstring, patellar, tibialis posterior, plantar fascia. Whether you are a new graduate or very experienced clinician, you will come away with many answers to your questions as well as clinical gems to take away. This is a practical course focusing on enhancing your skills in assessment and management of kinetic chain deficits, and evidence based and effective rehabilitation strategies to manage tendinopathy. 

Delivered by Peter Malliaras, physio PhD and tendinopathy specialist. Pete is currently involved in tendon research in Australia, Spain and the UK and sees about 40 tendinopathy patients per week, from elite athletes to relatively inactive people. Given this strong clinical focus, you get a current and detailed clinical perspective. 

Limited places to ensure adequate time for practice and 1-1 attention.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the structure and function of tendon.
  • Understand the latest research relating to the pathogenesis and aetiology of tendinopathy and how this applies to clinical management.
  • Demonstrate accurate and objective diagnosis and assessment of tendinopathies (including palpation, differential diagnosis, kinetic chain assessment of flexibility, strength, biomechanics and power).
  • Plan rehabilitation strategies for tendon injuries among patients with different clinical presentations.
  • Justify the use of conservative adjuncts (eg electrotherapy, taping, orthotics, manual therapy, etc) and injections in different tendinopathy presentations.



Functional Therapeutic Movement: Assessment and Rehab. Introduction & Lower Limb

(for physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports & manual therapists, personal trainers)



Information Pack


 Information Pack   

Course Outline

The world of therapy and rehabilitation is changing rapidly. The old bio mechanical and bio-medical models are being updated to integrate modern pain and movement sciences and an understanding of the ‘whole’ of the human including their brain and nervous system.

We incorporate plausible modern pain, neuro and movement sciences into our evidence & research based 2 day course.
There often exists a gap between the current science, research and evidence that refutes some of our previous understanding and teachings and usable clinical skills that fit with the modern biopsychosocial model. We aim to fill this gap by bringing a cohesion and process to the tasks of understanding the interaction of the neuromatrix, CNS, component motor and sensory systems and biomechanical aspects of movement, then using it to create simple functional & dynamic assessment and treatment techniques.



Tendinopathy Education Materials

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