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We offer exceptional physiotherapy care in Camberwell, Hawthorn & broader Melbourne. We are backed by experience of treating the best athletes in the world and we offer the same level of care to all our patients, making us the leading Hawthorn Physiotherapy clinic Read More

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You will be seen by an expert Melbourne physio specialising in injury diagnosis, management and rehabilitation. Seeing an expert can save you time and money. Read More

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We have a reputation for successfully treating difficult injuries such as overuse sports injuries, sprains and strains, spinal  and neck pain. Read More

“ Thanks a lot for all your advice and help, my knee feels great! ”

- Hayden Mullins, Portsmouth FC, FA cup runner up 2010

“ Thanks for your valuable time and advice regarding my Achilles treatment and rehab programme ”

- Alec Stewart, England Cricket great

“ Thanks for all your help, time and advice – you helped to make it possible! ”

- Euan Murray, Scotland Rugby World Cup 2011

“ I thought I would let you know I am feeling so much better have been walking my dog swimming and doing my exercise twice daily, and at last the weight is starting to go. I would like to thank you very much for your help ”

- Veronica – 9 months of lateral hip pain

“ Thank you very much indeed for all your support. Without your help I have no doubt I would not have got back to doing all the activities I love! ”

- Ian – squash player and dirt bike rider with 3 years of chronic patellar tendinopathy

“ This is to let you know that things have been going very well. I can now run up to about 55 minutes and have not had any problem with either knee. The click which had developed, has now gone away as well. Thank you very much for the excellent treatment programme, which really does seem to have done the trick. ”

- Gwyn – 2 years of anterior knee pain on both sides

“ Since your treatment and following your regime of exercises, I have improved dramatically, avoiding surgery and anything else. I am most grateful. I have regained the ability to walk a golf course, a gentle gym routine and enjoy a normal life again ”

- Stephen – retired golfer with a torn tibialis posterior tendon in his foot

“ I just wanted to again thank you for your assistance in this recovery. Your input has been invaluable and I cannot thank you enough. My 2012 was looking like being an absolute disaster. With your guidance and positive reinforcement, I have salvaged my career ”

- Ray Chamberlain, AFL umpire

“ You (Peter) and Otto saved my career - from really struggling my Achilles is now great, the results are amazing ”

- Nick Montgomery, A League premiership player 2013

“ Thanks Peter for all your support and advice!! I've gone from barely being able to walk, due to Plantar Fasciitis, to having competed in 4 Half Ironman and 2 Ironman events in the last 18 months. In the process have achieved my goal of qualifying for World Championships in both distances! Kona bound :-) Would not have achieved this without your help ”

- Andrea Hopkin, Elite Ironman