Long Term Injuries

Do you have a persistent injury that you just can’t seem to fix?

Have you tried lots of other treatments with limited or no success?

Our expert team at Complete Sports Care can help

We are experts in the management of difficult and long term injuries. We are trusted by many of Melbourne’s specialists and consultants to provide rehabilitation guidance to patients who have struggled to find a solution to manage their injuries. You will be seen by an a physiotherapist who has been successfully managing difficult injuries, they will combine expert clinical and research knowledge to offer you an accurate, realistic and lasting solution to your problem.

Our thorough approach to assessment will identify underlying contributors to your injury. Using this information, we will develop a comprehensive plan to manage your injury. We will educate you why your injury has been so hard to resolve and what you need to do to get better.

Common unresolving injuries we treat:

 – Achilles tendinopathy                         – Patellar tendinopathy
 – Plantar fasciopathy (fasciitis)                         – Back and neck pain
 – Shin Splints                         – Shoulder and rotator cuff injury
 – Patellofemoral pain (runners knee)                         – Tennis elbow
 – Illiotibial band syndrome                         – Stress fractures
 – Hamstring injuries                         – Chronic strains and sprains
 – Gluteal tendinopathy                         – Tibialis posterior injuries
 – Hip and groin pain