Tendinopathy webinar: are we ready to abandon the title ‘tendinitis’?

This is the first installment of a tendinopathy webinar series discussing various topical issues in tendinopathy. It gives a preview of theoretical and practical aspects covered in the 1-day Lower Limb Tendinopathy Course – please see details at http://www.physioeast.com.au/courses/. There are course dates coming up in Melbourne and Sydney. The first webinar asks – ARE WE […]

Top tips for treating Gluteal Tendinopathy / Trochanteric Bursitis

1) Get the right diagnosis: The tendon is often the cause of the pain if it is localised to the lateral hip. The bursa is often secondary but can be involved. The treatment for each is different. 2) Aggressively offload from ‘compressive’ positions: this includes all positions where the gluteal tendons are squashed against the bone […]

Hawthorn / Camberwell physio on 3AW

Listen out for a 2 hour talk back radio show on tendinopathy this Sunday between 6-8pm on 3AW. I will be talking with Dr Sally Cockburn, A Camberwell GP and radio presenter of 18 years. I first listened to Sally almost 20 years ago when she presented the Sunday evening show ‘Pillow talk’ as Dr […]

Usain Bolt: Achilles powerhouse or Achilles heel?

With the men’s 100m final only hours away I’ve been thinking again about Usain Bolt’s previous Achilles tendon injury (2010) and the impact it has had on his performance since his world record breaking performance in 2009. Sprinting is a very tendon biased activity because the muscle stretch-shortening cycle is particularly fast, so fast that […]

Tendinopathy course in September

LOWER LIMB TENDINOPATHY COURSE DOWNLOADABLE APPLICATION FORM AND INFO Date and Venue: Friday 7th & 14th September: 5.45pm-9.30pm Genesis Fitness Level 4, The Well 13-14 Burke Ave, Camberwell, 3124 (Free Parking Included) Cost: $280, application form attached For info: p: 9882 2020; e: info@physioeast.com.au Delivered by Peter Malliaras, tendinopathy PhD and has spent the last […]

Length tension relationship and Achilles tendinopathy

The length-tension relationship is an important consideration in Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation. The Achilles rehab programs is different to the patellar tendon in that people tend to exercise into end of range, unless they have insertional pain and in that case only to neutral or 90 degrees foot to leg position Given it does go into […]

Camberwell / Hawthorn Physio news – Sunny Copenhagen

Just back from a lovely and sunny 3 days visiting researchers and giving a tendinopathy lecture in Copenhagen. The highlight was visiting the Bisbebjerg Hospital just out of the centre of Copenhagen where several of the best tendinopathy researchers in the world, including Prof Henning Langberg and Prof Michael Kjaer, have  consistently produced excellent researcher over […]

Explaining chronic pain

Chronic pain is a huge issue affecting 1 in 5 Australian’s. It is defined as pain persisting for more than 3-6 months and it is different to acute pain in several ways, most importantly, the source of the pain is usually not the tissue where you feel pain, but may actually be sensitisation in the […]