Expert physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy team at Complete Sports Care experts in the rehabilitation of sports and other long term injuries. Our team will complete a comprehensive assessment of your injury and provide you real solutions a management strategies, with consideration to manual therapy, exercise prescription, taping, dry needling, biomechanics assessment and management, video analysis of movement, injury /performance screening, and return to sport rehabilitation. Read more

Exercise Rehabilitation

Whether returning from injury, wishing to prevent injury or improve form, posture and core strength, exercise rehabilitation can help. Life is tough on our bodies. We grow more and more imbalanced in the course of daily living. Read more


Our team at Complete Sports Care are experts in managing long term and difficult injuries. If you have suffered from an injury for many months of years, the right rehabilitation plan is essential to get you better, and keep you better. From our research and extensive experience, we know that each person requires a tailored rehabilitation program . Read more

Sports Injuries

Our highly qualified team at Complete Sports Care specialises in the management of sports related injuries. We have the facilities and skills to complete comprehensive assessments of why you have become injured, and most importantly we will guide you back to the sports and activities you love following injury.

Physiotherapists at Complete Sports Care work and consult with elite athletes from AFL clubs, the Victorian Institute of Sport, the Australian Netball League, the English Premier League, and International Cricket teams. Read more

Dry needling

Dry needling is a technique that can be used to relieve symptoms related to muscle trigger points and other painful conditions. Trigger points are contracted focal points in muscle that are characterised by pain producing biochemicals, increased electrical activity and structural changes in the muscle. Read more

Orthotics and insoles

Orthotics are worn in your shoes and can change individual joint movement at the foot and ankle as well as overall movement pattern in your leg (see figure, orthotics worn on right side image) and this will change the way your tissues are being stressed when under load. Orthotics can also reduce compression of joints and tendons. Another potential effect of orthotics is that they change the muscle activation by allowing muscles to work in a more optimal range. Read more

Running movement analysis

The way that you run has alot to do with your risk of injury and performance and video analysis can identify movement issues and address the with corrective exercise and or subtle development of your running technique. Read more

End stage rehabilitation

Along with inadequate initial stage rehabilitation, short or poor quality end stage rehabilitation is the most common reason overuse injuries become recurrent. If you are struggling with a chronic injury that you can’t seem to shake, was your end stage rehab structured? Read more

Athletic injury screening 

The athletic injury screen involves a comprehensive assessment of your muscle capacity and flexibility, biomechanics and movement patterns and overall exercise loads and will identify areas that can be improved to minimise your risk of injury. Read more

Complete Core Strength and Balance Classes

Our Complete strength and vitality classes are individually tailored to your specific needs and are perfect for improving strength, agility and balance, particularly for people who suffer diabetes, arthritis or osteoporosis. Read more