Running again with knee osteoarthritis at 79

Running again with knee osteoarthritis at 79 years old I have previously contributed to the topic of running with osteoarthritis in many posts on other platforms – here, here and here. In short, it is a myth that you cannot run with knee osteoarthritis. Some facts: Joints need exercise and loading Participation in exercise and […]

Cadence Want to fix your running fast?

Cadence Want to fix your running fast? Try cadence change…otherwise known as step rate. More often you want to increase it. When you are looking to improve running technique and/or reduce injury re-occurrence one of the first things you want to change is your cadence. Why? Because it has been shown to improve many of […]

Training Loads and Injury

There is currently emerging evidence that an athletes training loads do in fact have a clear relationship to injury. This may not come as a big surprise to many, but it can be extremely challenging to firstly understand load, then be able to accurately monitor it and then utilise this information to actually guide and […]

Benefits Of A Jog: Walk Program

Many of the running injuries we see are when a patient has performed a sharp increase in activity (running), especially after a long period of rest. A thorough assessment usually finds a strength deficit combined with less than optimal biomechanics. In our treatment we provide rehabilitation exercises and cues to correct their biomechanics. But the […]

Running a Marathon Needs to Involve More Than Just Running

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’re seeing more legs out and about pounding the pavement in preparation for the upcoming Medibank Melbourne Marathon. With 3 weeks to go, we’re seeing a lot of frantic over-training and extra running sessions that are sky rocketing the injuries related to over-training. So, it […]

Six Quick Tips for Beginner Runners

Six Quick Tips for Beginner Runners   1. Start slowly  While the motivation is high don’t be tempted to go too far and too fast early on. We all know the tortoise and the hare story, right? Easy does it. 2. Rest Make sure you get at least 1-2 days rest between each run. You […]

Hamstring Strain Rehabilitation: Key Principles

To maximise your outcome after a hamstring injury, it is vital to consider how you run and if this is contributing to your risk of injury. We know from research studies that the hamstring is most commonly injured during the terminal swing phase of running where the leg is extending forward preparing the foot for […]

One for the runners: avoid the boom bust cycle, run like a pro!

Be gradual when starting, re-starting or progressing Alright runners, let’s talk about boom and bust cycles! We’re all guilty of signing up to an event and watching the calendar click over until crunch time comes along, when we find ourselves putting on our running shoes and start ticking the legs over. For those very few who […]