In the middle of March, we expanded our telehealth services, to allow us to help keep staff and the community as safe as possible. During this time, it has been great to see private health funding this service, and many in the community embracing and benefiting from it.

It has been great to see how well we have done with COVID-19 so far in Australia, and we hope the curve will remain flattened. To assist this and do our bit, we will continue to encouraging all of our patients to use our telehealth (video or phone based consultations) service where ever possible, knowing the great outcomes which this allows.

From Monday May 11th, we will be offering some limited face-to-face for new and existing patients, so if you feel you need to come into the clinic, this will once again be possible. We thank those in the community who have been patient with this. For those who come in, we encourage you to download the COVID-Safe app, and you an be assured of our diligent hygiene practices.

Stay active and healthy everyone!