Running Video Analysis

A running video analysis if vitally important to optimally manage almost all running injuries. If you have a running injury, a thorough biomechanical assessment is essential to ensuring you receive the most effective and efficient treatment. Many runners possess weak or inefficient links along the kinetic chain that reduce their efficiency and increase risk of injury. This may be due to weakness, current injury and pain, previous injury, generalised flexibility issues (restricted or hypermobile), your alignment and biomechanics, your adopted movement patterns, your sport and activity, etc.  For example, many runners have restriction in their hip flexor muscles that reduces hip efficiency and power when they are in the propulsive phase. This can lead to reduced performance and overload in other areas such as their Achilles tendon.

So, the way that you run has a lot to do with your risk of injury and performance and video analysis can identify movement issues and address them with running retraining (i.e. technique changes) and corrective exercise.

What does video analysis involve?

During the video analysis process you will run on a treadmill for a few minutes at different running speeds, and a short recording is taken from the side and back at each speed. Movement analysis software is then used to slow down the recording and analyse various parameters that are potentially related to your injury or efficiency. These include factor such as your running cadence (steps per minute), step length, body rise, ankle, foot, knee and hip movement. Once a movement fault is identified the underlying causes are explored by thorough examination of your joint and muscle capacity. Interventions that flow on from this may include but are not limited to running re-education, corrected exercise, manual therapy and foot orthotics. The overall goal of this process is to reduce injury risk and among some people, improve running efficiency. Sometimes these two goals are complimentary, other times reducing risk of injury and stress concentration reduces efficiency. In this case the most important goal is prioritised – usually to treat pain, especially in a recreational runner.

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