Tendinopathy Case Study – Unresponsive quads tendinopathy

Dear all Here is a brief case presentation of an interesting patient I saw in clinic recently. Some good clinical messages for clinical reasoning non-responsive tendinopathy patients. If you are interested in more detailed clinical reasoning, assessment and management of tendinopathy patients please check out upcoming tendinopathy courses in Melbourne, Albury and Sydney http://www.completesportscare.com.au/courses/tendinopathy-courses/ I […]

Tendinopathy conference highlights 2014

Was an action packed and interesting 2 days in Oxford at the 3rd International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium 2014. As one of my students commented, ‘this must be like Mecca for the tendophiles’. It is indeed very indulgent to talk tendons uninterrupted The conference was divided into a basic science day and clinical translation day. I […]

Tendinopathy Research Blog July-August 2014

Dear all Here is the latest tendinopathy research over the last 2 months, with clinically applicable studies highlighted. I am enroute to the 3rd Tendinopathy conference in Oxford (5,6 Sept) and will blog some highlights after the conference. It is surprising to me that studies continue to use the Alfredson Achilles eccentric protocol as gold […]

Patellar Tendinopathy NOT related to impact loading

Inferior pole patellar tendinopathy is almost unheard of in people who are not performing near maximal impact loading. In contrast, you do see quads tendon and distal patellar tendon issues related to compression in people that are no impact loading (e.g. sudden and unaccustomed prolonged kneeling as in DIY activity leading to a compressive quads […]

Tendinopathy Blog May-June 2014

Dear all, Some interesting reviews and research this month. Will separate blog from now into clinical studies (i.e. treatments and risk factors) and other interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy All the best Peter   Studies to apply to your practice Mani-Babu et al. have performed an excellent systematic review of the effectiveness of shockwave therapy […]

Tendinopathy Blog April 2014

Dear all Here is the latest in clinically relevant tendinopathy research If your interested in tendinopathy clinical gems and tips check out upcoming courses in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Perth Tendinopathy Courses data-secret=”yU1XIRbpOV” width=”600″ height=”338″ title=”“Tendinopathy Courses” — Complete Sports Care” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”> All the best Peter   Beeson performed a literature review of […]

Tendinopathy Blog January 2014

Dear all Hope the year has started well Looking forward to our first biomechanics and tendinopathy courses for 2014 – both coming up over the next couple weeks http://www.completesportscare.com.au/courses/ Some interesting tendon research and debate in the tendinopathy world this month – full details below Best wishes Peter   Mishra et al. 2013 published an RCT […]

Tendinopathy Blog December 2013

Dear all What a great year it has been, some excellent tendinopathy research. Thanks to all the blog readers and subscribers and I wish you all the best for 2014 Some interesting studies to sink your skeptical and analytical minds into this month. Enjoy Best wishes Peter   Fessel et al. 2013 – Collagen fibrils […]

Tendinopathy Blog November 2013

Dear all Have just enjoyed 4 excellent days at the Sports Med New Zealand conference – thanks for the great hospitality and view from my hotel room Key message from my lecture to delegates was – we need to rethink our focus on tendon ‘healing’   – there is no imaging evidence it happens after […]

Physioedge Podcast – lower limb tendinopathy rehab

Hi all Here is a link to a recent Physioedge podcast on lower limb tendinopathy practical considerations. http://physioedge.com.au/drpetermalliaras On iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/physioedge/id454714085 Direct link to file http://traffic.libsyn.com/physioedge/PE_023_Lower_Limb_Tendinopathies_with_Dr_Peter_Malliaras.mp3 All the best Peter

Tendinopthy blog October 2013

Hi all Has been a busy month – been teaching tendinipathy courses in Spain and the UK, consulting to athletes in the UK, and presenting at a Muscle and Tendon conference hosted by FC Barcelona (a real highlight, had to pinch myself a couple of times) Some great tendon research this month – enjoy Best […]