Opening for limited face-to-face appointments

In the middle of March, we expanded our telehealth services, to allow us to help keep staff and the community as safe as possible. During this time, it has been great to see private health funding this service, and many in the community embracing and benefiting from it. It has been great to see how […]

Expanding our telehealth (video/phone) consultation service

** Due to the current COVID-19 situation our community is facing, including the need for social distancing, we are encouraging all of our patients to use our telehealth (video or phone based consultations) service ** If you believe you need to be seen at our clinic, particularly if your feel this will save you an […]

GLA:D Back – A new approach to managing your back pain.

We have been running GLA:D for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis for three years at Complete Sports Care now. I have enjoyed watching how many people it has benefited, potential surgeries it has saved both at our clinic and across Australia in my role as program lead at La Trobe University. The program is […]

Running again with knee osteoarthritis at 79

Running again with knee osteoarthritis at 79 years old I have previously contributed to the topic of running with osteoarthritis in many posts on other platforms – here, here and here. In short, it is a myth that you cannot run with knee osteoarthritis. Some facts: Joints need exercise and loading Participation in exercise and […]

Physiotherapists must provide high value care

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and watched TV. I don’t watch TV often. I don’t cry often. But an SBS Insight episode discussing surgery I couldn’t miss, and it brought a tear to my eye. The general narrative was that in Australia, there is too much surgery occuring. A lot of this […]

Is VMO really that important to fix knee pain?

A lot of patients I see with patellofemoral pain who have failed to improve following exercise rehabilitation have spent substantial time trying to activate their VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique) muscle. The questions we need to ask are: 1. Why have they focussed so much on exercising this little muscle? 2. Why hasn’t it worked? So […]

Is it ‘all in the hips’? Treating patellofemoral pain

Patellofemoral Pain affects people of all ages, from adolescents through to the elderly. Unfortunately, prognosis is often considered poor, although this may be the result of clinician’s poor understanding of how best to manage the condition. There are many factors to consider including quadriceps strength and function, foot motion and mobility, muscle flexibility, pain sensitivity, […]

Why do we run when it hurts? 5 key benefits of running

In the US alone, 65 million people reported running between 2008 and 2014.3 There is a growing popularity in Australia also. If you want proof of this, head to the MCG in a couple of weeks and watch the countless runners on Melbourne Marathon day. Although popular, running can be risky business. A recent review […]

Could increasing your running cadence help fix your injury?

When I assess injured runners in the clinic, I see a number of common features including excessive and/or prolonged foot pronation, heavy foot strike and over striding, poor knee function, poor hip function, poor pelvic control, and the list goes on. Attempting to change any particular feature of someones running action may help reduce stress […]