At Complete Sports Care we strive to be world leaders in injury management

Mission statement

  1. Provide patients the highest possible standard of care to manage and prevent their injuries
  2. Remain at the forefront of clinical research and education, to ensure this is integrated into patient care
  3. Recognised as a centre of excellence for difficult and unremitting musculoskeletal injury

Patient care

At complete Sports Care we emphasise an approach to injury management which includes consideration to the best available research evidence, our team’s expertise, and most importantly, the values and goals of the patient. This approach ensures optimal patient outcomes. We focus on active management (rehabilitation exercise) to ensure patients not only get better in the short term, but continue to improve and manage their injuries long after they walk out of the clinic door. We value a team approach to the management of our patients, including involvement of therapists within our knowledgeable and skilled clinical team, and collaboration with other health professionals outside the Complete Sports Care team (specialists, GPs, other allied health, etc.). This team approach leads to more efficient and effective outcomes, and achievement of patient goals.

Staff development

Research and education is highly valued at Complete Sports Care. We are passionate about improving patient care through our research endeavours and ensure ours and other researcher’s valuable findings are translated into clinical practice as efficiently and effectively as possible. We believe that by supporting research and continued professional development for all our staff, it will lead to more skillful and happy clinicians working at the clinic, and most importantly better outcomes for our patients.