This year has been one that we will never forget. COVID-19 has and will potentially change the way we do things as a society across many industries for years to come. For us in allied health the implementation of Telehealth in all streams of our sector has been a daunting experience but one that provides a new framework for physiotherapy and exercise classes to be conducted. We have seen exponential growth in Telehealth services, and it has quickly become a great tool for prioritising your health, rehab and fitness.

Telehealth is broad term that encompasses the use of any form of technology as an alternative to traditional face to face services and at Complete Sports Care our Telehealth services pertain to the use of video conferencing over the internet. Telehealth has been around for years, somewhat hiding in the background of available services compared to what we know as standard physiotherapy and exercise services. We have in fact offered it for some time now, including prior to the pandemic, although in a limited capacity. Telehealth can overcome barriers and provide a platform for individuals to access healthcare or exercise related services from a distance. There are many benefits and challenges associated with Telehealth and information regarding this topic can be found in a previous blog post here.


What to expect:

Your Telehealth session will be similar to a face-to-face appointment for either physiotherapy or exercise services, and may include an in-depth discussion about your condition, demonstration of movements or tests while your clinician monitors on the screen, and a specific plan for ongoing management. Many conditions we regularly see in the clinic do not require hands on treatment and can be effectively managed through education, exercise and load management in the Telehealth setting.

Exercise sessions can be completed from your home or an area of your choice, and generally require minimal equipment. If you have equipment at home already, we can definitely tailor your exercise program to not only your rehab and fitness goals but also to what equipment you have in your home.

What technology do you need for Telehealth?

At our clinic we use the video conferencing application Zoom, which can be used on any computer, laptop, phone or tablet. You will be provided a link via email from the clinic that will open up the Zoom session once clicked. You can either open the link through a web browser or the Zoom app. We do recommend good access to WIFI services to ensure the session runs smoothly.

What to wear?

Please dress so that you are comfortable and can readily complete movements and exercise, in some cases you will need to dress appropriately to allow your physiotherapist to see the injury region. Back pain, for example, is best treated wearing a shirt and shorts combination. Shorts for lower limb conditions and sleeveless shirts or t-shirts for upper limb issues.

Setting up for your video appointment

Please set up your laptop or computer on a sturdy level surface, ideally with the camera at eye height so we can talk to you initially. We suggest a well-lit room with adequate space to move around in so your body length can fit in the picture.

Telehealth is a great way to access healthcare for a variety of reasons and allows you the ability to participate in these sessions from the comfort of your own home or workplace. My personal experience with Telehealth over the last 6 months both as a practitioner and as a client has all been positive – just make sure your WIFI is working! If you have any questions regarding the Telehealth services we provide at the clinic, feel free to get in touch!