We have offered telehealth (video and phone consultations) for a number of years now, and have been pushing for private health insurance to fund this service. Even as recently as mid-March, when I was pushing them on funding telehealth as part of their social responsibility, there was reluctance. But things have changed rapidly…..

We are very pleased that in the COVID-19 environment, private health insurers have begun to fund telehealth physiotherapy services, for individual consultations. Although our own research indicates people have some great outcomes with group exercise programs like GLA:D through telehealth, group exercise has not yet received any approval for funding

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has just put out a nice release about patients embracing telehealth services, including one of our own patients here.

Private Health Insurers funding telehealth have varying eligibility conditions, so please check with your insurer to see if you can claim for our world leading services.

Here is a list of a number of private health insurers, so you can view their websites regarding telehealth services:

If your health fund isn’t on this list, or it does not appear you health fund provides support for what you need, we encourage you to contact them and ask how they can support you to be receive high quality care via telehealth.

At this stage, telehealth consultations need to be paid for in full following your appointment, and you will be provided with an invoice which you can use to claim. Your invoice should have all the information you require (including item codes, provider numbers and dates of service) to complete your telehealth claim.

You can learn more about our world leading telehealth service here.

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