What is the difference between KLT and other gym programming ?

Traditional gym training commonly contains isolation and focuses on individual muscles. It often gains stability from external supports such as seats and benches. It rarely is able to mimic everyday activity or sporting activities.

Kinetic Link Training is a precise and comprehensive functional strength and conditioning training system. KLT involves compound whole body exercises with a focus on movement. It relies on internal stability.

It requires no seats & no benches ever.

It involves controlled trunk rotation and limbs crossing the midline.

KLT also Enriches balance.


Why do KLT ?

The utilisation of an effective functional strength training system, such as Kinetic Link Training (KLT) will assist you in achieving both specific and holistic physical fitness and well-being goals.

In this training regime you will complete a new, challenging and intelligent approach to full-body, biomechanically balanced resistance training. When you begin implementing the entire KLT system into your training regime, you can be confident that the exercise programs you are promoting will help develop and maintain optimal musculo-skeletal health.

Background History

The System has been developed by Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Wayne Rodgers Since 2001. KLT has been delivered to thousands of physiotherapists and patients around the world. All that is needed to successfully learn & practice KLT is a few dumbbells and resistance bands – meaning that you can perform KLT at home without a gym membership.

How do I get involved ?

At Complete Sports Care we have a range of free-weights and pulleys (cable equipment), allowing for easy, appropriate and individualised progression of load.

For more information about the program. See : http://www.healthadventure.com.au/klt-sample-workouts.html

The website contains a sample of some of the movements as well as scapula control specifics