Hi, I’m Dr Mark Merolli. I’ve spent most of my clinical career working in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy settings. I have an interest is in the rehabilitative side of injury management and restoration of normal functioning. I also have a particular passion and extensive experience working with adolescents and younger adults to support their health, wellbeing, and injury management. Injury screening, conditioning, prevention, and good habits formed early on, can pay dividends over the mid to longer term. I’ve got extensive experience in exercise-based rehabilitation, including strength and conditioning, and clinical pilates based therapies, as well as use of real-time ultrasound in core stability assessment. I enjoy treating a variety of conditions.
When I’m not at the clinic, I’m working in a lecturing/research capacity at the University of Melbourne.I hold a PhD in the digital health technologies sphere and have educated & mentored physiotherapy students for years in various capacities. I also work with school students to educate them in the importance of injury management, and sports medicine. Over the years, I’ve worked with various professional sporting associations, in particular: Tennis Australia and Basketball Australia, as well as various junior and adult sporting organisations.
When I’m not at Complete Sports Care or working at the University, I regularly consult, run workshops and present at conferences to health professionals about technology and healthcare