Hi, I’m Dr Christian Barton. I am an expert in the management of difficult to treat, long term injuries that occur as a result of sports or recreational exercise (e.g. running, triathlons, etc.). I have a particular interest in the knee (including patellofemoral pain and running related injuries. My main focus is in exercise rehabilitation, and for my injured runners I use running retraining (world leader in this treatment). Research is one of my passions, and I am a Post-Doctoral researcher researcher at La Trobe University looking at knee (including patellofermoral pain, ACL reconstruction, and osteoarthritis). Additionally I am an Associate Editor for the British Journal of Sport Medicine. I enjoy running workshops and professional education courses for health professionals in Australia and around the world including Europe Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. I am passionate about bring my research knowledge and extensive clinical experience together to treat patients of all ages and physical activity levels to get them back to being able to do the things they love.

I am also slightly addicted to twitter where I enjoy sharing my research and thoughts – find me on Twitter here