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Why do Pilates?


Whether returning from injury, wishing to prevent injury or improve form, posture and core strength, Pilates can help. Life is tough on our bodies. We grow more and more imbalanced in the course of daily living. We carry our bags on one shoulder and our children on one hip. We might be sitting in front of a computer all day, and if we get up to exercise, we might be swinging a golf club or tennis racquet on one side or a poor posture takes a turn for the worse, when we go out for a run.

Pilates is a corrective system of exercise where you will gain strength in a balanced way so that tight, tense areas are released and weak areas strengthened.

The focus is on training the body to develop core strength, control and postural awareness, and allowing the body to move in the most efficient way

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Who can benefit from Pilates?

A wide range of people can benefit from Pilates – young, older, injured, uninjured and regardless of fitness level.

All exercises are individually tailored to each person, ensuring safety and benefits for people of all physical capabilities.

How to Get Started

Book in for an Initial Pilates Screening Assessment. During this session the physiotherapist will take a comprehensive injury history, carry out a thorough assessment and explain the fundamentals of Pilates, posture and core activation. Based on the findings of the Initial Pilates Screening Assessment, your Pilates Program will be tailored individually for you.

Pilates Classes at Complete Sports Care

Once confident with the basics of Pilates you can join one of our group class. Classes are small with 1 Pilates instructor and no more than 4 participants to ensure all exercises still specifically target your particular needs.

In the group class you will have slightly less supervision than in the 1:1 session so we recommend most people have a few private sessions before they join the group classes.

How long will I have to do Pilates for before I see results?

Results depend on your particular injury, but as a general rule most people who participate in Pilates 1-2 times a week will see significant improvements after 10-12 weeks. We take a range of measures to test you strength, flexibility and movement control before you start so that your program can be tailored to your needs. These measures are reviewed over time to ensure you are continuing to improve and benefit, and to further tailor your program.

Which class is right for me?

Initial Pilates Screening Assessment:
All patients will require an initial consultation with a Physiotherapist prior to joining group classes, to ensure they are enrolled in the most appropriate Pilates program. Book with Physiotherapists/Clinical Pilates Instructors Meagan Davis or David Thwaites.

Clinical Pilates Group Class:
Group Pilates class conducted by a Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates Instructor, ideal for patients requiring a higher level of clinical support. Maximum 3 people per class. Book with Physiotherapists/Clinical Pilates Instructors Meagan Davis or David Thwaites.

Private Studio Pilates:

These classes are valuable for those who require the full attention of the instructor.  This is particularly effective for Pilates beginners or those who haven’t exercised in a long time.. Book with Pilates Instructor Vicki Haralabakos.

Group Studio Pilates: 

Classes are conducted with one instructor to a maximum of 3 clients.  Some exercises may be undertaken as a group with variations if required, including individual exercises specific to client needs. These classes are an efficient and economical by allowing for individual program with affordability.

All Studio sessions are one hour in length.

Maximum 4 people per class. Book with Pilates Instructor Vicki Haralabakos.

Group Mat Pilates:

Conducted by our certified Pilates instructor, Vicki Haralabakos, our mat classes are boutique with a max of five participants to endure all levels are catered for in a safe and relaxed environment. Mat Pilates focuses on control  of movement, body mind connection and breath to provide an all round toning workout. The exercises focus on strengthening the core, improving posture and flexibility.

Individual Clinical Pilates Sessions:
Individual Clinical Pilates classes can be scheduled inside the Physiotherapist’s consulting hours at a time that is convenient to you. Ideal for patients requiring he highest level of clinical support. Book with Physiotherapists/Clinical Pilates Instructors Meagan Davis or David Thwaites.