Tendinopathy blog May 2013

Dear all Here is the new look tendinopathy – links to PDF or abstracts included. Some interesting studies, including some loading studies Enjoy Peter   Second clinical study showing lack of benefit from PRP in Achilles Impact of autologous blood injections in treatment of mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy: double blind randomised controlled trial http://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f2310   No […]

Tendinopathy Blog March 2013

Dear all, A solid research month in tendinopathy. The most pleasing thing is there is a lot more research on rehabilitation. Here are some highlights. Rees et al. argue for inflammatory vs degenerative pathoaetiology in tendinopathy. An interesting read highlighting that there are inflammatory cells and biochemicals in tendinopathy and arguing for the use of […]

Post-injection tendinopathy rehabilitation

One of the most confusing areas of tendinopathy rehabilitation is what to do post injection and when to do it. There are obviously loads of different injections that are popular in managing tendinopathy patients, including blood injections or PRP, steroid, high volume injections, prolotherapy, sclerosing or polidocinol, etc, etc. Many patients and clinicians have asked […]

Length tension relationship and Achilles tendinopathy

The length-tension relationship is an important consideration in Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation. The Achilles rehab programs is different to the patellar tendon in that people tend to exercise into end of range, unless they have insertional pain and in that case only to neutral or 90 degrees foot to leg position Given it does go into […]

Achilles and patellar tendon injury treatment: rehabilitation

Achilles and patellar tendon injury (tendinopathy) is common and difficult to treat. Up to 18% of runners may develop Achilles tendinopathy, i.e. approximately 1 in 5. Elite runners have it much worse, up to 50% may have Achilles tendinopathy. Elite and sub-elite jumpers (volleyball, basketball) also have an alarmingly high prevalence of patellar tendinopathy, about […]