Training Loads and Injury

There is currently emerging evidence that an athletes training loads do in fact have a clear relationship to injury. This may not come as a big surprise to many, but it can be extremely challenging to firstly understand load, then be able to accurately monitor it and then utilise this information to actually guide and […]

Patellar Tendinopathy NOT related to impact loading

Inferior pole patellar tendinopathy is almost unheard of in people who are not performing near maximal impact loading. In contrast, you do see quads tendon and distal patellar tendon issues related to compression in people that are no impact loading (e.g. sudden and unaccustomed prolonged kneeling as in DIY activity leading to a compressive quads […]

Tendinopathy Blog May-June 2014

Dear all, Some interesting reviews and research this month. Will separate blog from now into clinical studies (i.e. treatments and risk factors) and other interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy All the best Peter   Studies to apply to your practice Mani-Babu et al. have performed an excellent systematic review of the effectiveness of shockwave therapy […]

Tendinopathy Blog December 2013

Dear all What a great year it has been, some excellent tendinopathy research. Thanks to all the blog readers and subscribers and I wish you all the best for 2014 Some interesting studies to sink your skeptical and analytical minds into this month. Enjoy Best wishes Peter   Fessel et al. 2013 – Collagen fibrils […]

Tendinopathy Blog November 2013

Dear all Have just enjoyed 4 excellent days at the Sports Med New Zealand conference – thanks for the great hospitality and view from my hotel room Key message from my lecture to delegates was – we need to rethink our focus on tendon ‘healing’   – there is no imaging evidence it happens after […]

Tendinopathy blog August 2013

Dear all Sorry the blog is late this month, been busy, but no excuses This month won’t disappoint – interesting stuff from pain mechanisms, to PRP, to load response and hysteresis – and lot’s in there that can be applied clinically Enjoy Peter   Littlewood et al. has written review on the role of the […]

Tendinopathy blog June 2013

Dear all Here is the latest in clinically relevant tendinopathy research. Some cool stuff, including our study showing eccentrics do not lead to better tendon adaptation than concentric after 12 weeks loading if load intensity is similar Enjoy Peter   The first study to suggest that, as in muscle, tendon adaptation may be more load […]

Tendinopathy webinar 2: Why do tendons breakdown?

Here is the second installment of a tendinopathy webinar series discussing various topical issues in tendinopathy. In this one we tackle the question: Why do tendons breakdown? This is a sneak preview to the 1-day Lower Limb Tendinopathy Course – please see details at There are course dates coming up in Melbourne, Sydney and London. […]