Lower Limb Injuries In The Adolescent Athlete

When their pain is more than just “growing pains”. Lower limb injuries in the adolescent athlete. Due to the complex architecture of the growing skeleton, children and adolescent athletes are at risk of a number of injuries that we adults are not. Young athletes can be prone to both acute injuries and chronic overload due […]

6 Quick Tips For Healthy Nutrition

6 Quick Tips For Healthy Nutrition Nutrition is an aspect of Health and Fitness that is largely overlooked and misunderstood. In many cases individuals believe that just because they exercise regularly, they can eat whatever they want. What people fail to realise is that eating healthy and having sound nutrition can help you achieve your goals […]

Clinical Pilates – moving beyond “core stability” for low back pain

For many years, Clinical Pilates has been the popular vessel of Physiotherapists to prescribe “core stability” programs for people with low back pain.  Historically, these core stability programs have encouraged clients to engage core muscles and maintain this contraction while they perform a series of movements. Recently, there is a growing mass of research showing […]

So let’s talk about the finesse of shoulder rehab

Shoulder pain is a very common complaint as the joint inherently lacks stability so that we have increased mobility and range. Most shoulder pain arises from weakness and poor positioning of the stabiliser muscles. Due to the multidirectional nature of the shoulder, painful activities can vary. However, activities like getting your wallet out of your […]

Benefits Of A Jog: Walk Program

Many of the running injuries we see are when a patient has performed a sharp increase in activity (running), especially after a long period of rest. A thorough assessment usually finds a strength deficit combined with less than optimal biomechanics. In our treatment we provide rehabilitation exercises and cues to correct their biomechanics. But the […]

Gluteal Tendinopathy – A Pain In The… Hip

Gluteal tendinopathy is a common condition that causes pain on the outside of the hip and often the upper thigh. Like Peter said in the previous blog, often pain arises due to a reduction in tolerance of the tendon to perform certain activities. This often includes going up or down stairs, walking, sitting with crossed […]

You Can Manage Your Tendon Pain Better Than Any Doctor

Tendinopathy is a painful conditions affecting many tendons such as the Achilles, lateral elbow, lateral hip and rotator cuff tendons. The more I practice and specialise in tendons, the more I realise that all I am doing is guiding you, the patient during your recovery. In fact, I do almost nothing else to get patients […]

What happened to Osteitis Pubis? Classifying groin pain for better rehab outcomes.

It didn’t seem too long ago that professional and amateur sportspeople alike were spending lengthy periods on the sidelines with the dreaded diagnosis of osteitis pubis. Associated strongly with field sports that required fast paced agility running and kicking, osteitis pubis was a common diagnosis that often meant prolonged rehabilitation and time away from competition. […]

Running a Marathon Needs to Involve More Than Just Running

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’re seeing more legs out and about pounding the pavement in preparation for the upcoming Medibank Melbourne Marathon. With 3 weeks to go, we’re seeing a lot of frantic over-training and extra running sessions that are sky rocketing the injuries related to over-training. So, it […]