So let’s talk about the finesse of shoulder rehab

Shoulder pain is a very common complaint as the joint inherently lacks stability so that we have increased mobility and range. Most shoulder pain arises from weakness and poor positioning of the stabiliser muscles. Due to the multidirectional nature of the shoulder, painful activities can vary. However, activities like getting your wallet out of your […]

Running a Marathon Needs to Involve More Than Just Running

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’re seeing more legs out and about pounding the pavement in preparation for the upcoming Medibank Melbourne Marathon. With 3 weeks to go, we’re seeing a lot of frantic over-training and extra running sessions that are sky rocketing the injuries related to over-training. So, it […]

One for the runners: avoid the boom bust cycle, run like a pro!

Be gradual when starting, re-starting or progressing Alright runners, let’s talk about boom and bust cycles! We’re all guilty of signing up to an event and watching the calendar click over until crunch time comes along, when we find ourselves putting on our running shoes and start ticking the legs over. For those very few who […]

The philosophy of a well-rounded marathon runner

Respecting the distance a marathon imposes on the body is paramount before embarking on the 42.2km event. A commonly held belief amongst runners is that running a marathon is about just that – running. However, running big kilometres requires not only a practised ability to run distances but also muscular strength and endurance, both of […]

The importance of concurrent strength training for our future stars

Overtraining is a common concern for all of our adolescent athletes. Whether the sport is football, cricket, swimming, dance, cheerleading or even circus we see a lot of injuries that present due to overtraining and poor muscle patterns. While it is important to practice for the individual sport, it is also important to acknowledge that […]