5 General rules to managing hip pain

When managing patients with hip joint pain, my 5 general rules are: Don’t allow imaging findings to become a burden carried for life – they may be irrelevant. Perform a thorough clinical examination to identify a symptomatic hip joint and rule out other sources of pain (e.g. lumbar spine referral, tendon injury to the lateral […]

Hip pain? Exercise is your first line of defence.

Hip pain is not a condition reserved for the elderly. More and more hip pain research is being directed at understanding the cause and burden of hip pain on patients aged 18-50. One such condition being investigated is femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome, a condition characterised by changes to the bone formation in the neck of […]

Lower Limb Injuries In The Adolescent Athlete

When their pain is more than just “growing pains”. Lower limb injuries in the adolescent athlete. Due to the complex architecture of the growing skeleton, children and adolescent athletes are at risk of a number of injuries that we adults are not. Young athletes can be prone to both acute injuries and chronic overload due […]

What happened to Osteitis Pubis? Classifying groin pain for better rehab outcomes.

It didn’t seem too long ago that professional and amateur sportspeople alike were spending lengthy periods on the sidelines with the dreaded diagnosis of osteitis pubis. Associated strongly with field sports that required fast paced agility running and kicking, osteitis pubis was a common diagnosis that often meant prolonged rehabilitation and time away from competition. […]

The “Plank” – Getting to the core of it

The abdominal plank is a common exercise that is prescribed both in the gym and in the rehabilitation setting following injury. A correctly performed plank challenges the athlete to maintain a neutral lumbar spine position, good neck and thoracic posture, and stable shoulder control – it is not simply an abdominal and lumbar spine exercise. […]

5 key muscles in “Core stability” training and low back pain

Core stability training generally refers to exercises that target the lumbar spine and pelvic region. To get the most out of your core stability training, we must understand the anatomy of the area. The key muscles which need to be considered during core stability training include: 5 Key Muscles 1. Transversus abdominis (TA) 2. Internal […]

Groin pain – can bone be the source of pain?

As we discussed previously, adductor related groin pain is a common presentation in athletes who participate in sports that involve agility running and kicking. Depending on the chronicity of the presentation, changes to the bony structures around the pelvis may indicate more severe pathology and a prolonged period of rehabilitation. These bony changes may explain […]

Groin pain in the junior athlete – Mark Scholes

Adductor related groin pain is a common presentation in junior athletes. Groin pain often affects players of field sports that involve frequent cutting, pivoting and agility running. It is especially common in sports that involve kicking, with the dominant kicking leg more frequently involved in groin injuries. Adductor related groin pain is particularly common in […]