Minimising the impact of cycling on your running technique

Recently I discussed the potential detrimental effects cycling can have on your running technique. This seems to have resonated strongly with clinicians, runners and triathletes alike, which is great to see. Ky changes to running mechanics after cycling appear to be an increase in anterior pelvic tilt and hip flexion, both of which increase stress […]

Cycling can be dangerous to your running technique – Be careful

A new patient from earlier this week has prompted this blog. He is a 43 year old presenting with persistent hamstring pain during running. The pain had not responded to other treatment over the past few months including stretching, massage and dry needling. When talking to him, there was clear frustration, especially considering the patient […]

Recovering from chronic knee pain – occlusion training

Recently, our clinic was asked to help out with a research study being conducted by Lachlan Giles, a PhD candidate at La Trobe University. Our role is deliver a quadriceps rehabilitation program for patients with patellofemoral pain (anterior knee pain), something we see a lot of at the clinic here. This is not your regular […]

Do Minimalist Shoes Prevent Injury?

I am a clinician who sees running injuries every day. In recent years I have seen many runners turn to minimalist footwear. This popularity has been driven by many in the health and fitness industry pushing potential benefits related to injury and performance. I acknowledge there is much debate of what constitutes minimalist footwear, with […]

Tendinopathy blog Feb-Mar 2014

Dear all Just finished a great 2 day tendinopathy course in Melbourne – lots of great tendinopathy clinical discussions, ie the nitty gritty of treating tendons – what to assess, how to treat! Check out future courses at this link Or contact me to organize a course in your part of the world […]