About Us

Complete Sports Care was founded in May 2013 by Dr Peter Malliaras and Dr Christian Barton who both possess a strong research interest and passion for improving clinical practice. They first worked together in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, completing sports medicine and rehabilitation research and discovering their shared passion for the translation of research to those that count, patients. Frustrated by misinterpretation of research by good intentioned clinicians, they recognized that doing good research is not enough. Both originally from Melbourne, Peter and Christian returned between 2011 and 2012 and started to plan Complete Sports Care. Their primary goals for starting the clinic were to perform clinical research that impacts patient care, educate clinicians and patients, and ultimately improve patient care.

Research, education and patient care goals continue to be a central focus of Complete Sports Care. The clinic is involved in research in various areas, including;

–       Tendinopathy

–       Shockwave Therapy

–       Running injury and Biomechanical Management

–       Knee pain

Complete Sports Care’s staff regularly lecture at conferences and teach clinicians at workshops, strongly believing that this drive to develop their field of interest is fundamental to ensuring the highest standard of patient care.

What Does Complete Sports Care Offer?

At Complete Sports Care you will receive the highest quality 1-1 physiotherapy, Pilates, and massage  treatment. We can guarantee the quality of treatment as you will be seen by an expert in managing difficult injuries. We combine expert clinical and research knowledge to offer you an accurate, realistic and lasting solution to your problem.

We are open Monday to Friday with early and late appointments available each day. Additionally, we are now also open on Saturday mornings for physiotherapy consults and clinical Pilates’ sessions.

An expert clinician will identify the source of your problem

An expert clinician can identify the source of your problem quickly, so you need less treatment and save time and money. Underlying contributors to injury will be identified and addressed, these include the exercise and activity you do, how your body copes with these loads (this related to biomechanics, strength, flexibility) and your body’s systemic ability to overcome injury (this can relate to other health issues you have, hormonal status, age, and many other factors).

Access to full gym

Pilates and exercise at home is useful, but for many sports injuries, gym equipment is required for full recovery and prevention of recurrence. A gym is also critical for prevention of injury among older athletes and power and performance for all athletes.


Do I need a referral?
A referral is not needed, unless you plan to claim a rebate under the medicare chronic disease scheme

Is treatment covered by private insurance?
It may be if you have extras cover, the rebate will depend on the details of your policy. Please contact your insurance company for details. We have HICAPS system so you only have to pay the out of pocket expense. We do treat vetarans, TAC and workcover patients.

What are the payment options?
We are a pay on the day clinic. You can pay via credit card, bank card or cash

What happens in the initial session?
An expert will assess your injury and give you an accurate diagnosis and a realistic management plan. Assessment includes a history and physical examination (including ultrasound imaging if necessary).

What do I wear?
Bring shorts and sports bra for females

What is your cancellation policy?
Please give 24 hours notice, otherwise the full consultation fee is applicable